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Club Administration is one of the avenues of service for the Rotary Club of Tacoma Narrows, and per our By-laws, the purpose of this area is to conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the Club. 

Programs:  The Club is known to have an outstanding mix of interesting and current programs.  Most are generated by the requests/recommendations of members.  These programs primarily target non-profit organizations; City and local activities and spotlight on Rotarians in our Club or other clubs.  Once a month the program is the President’s choice and may focus attention on Awards and Recognition; Global and District areas of focus and activities of the Tacoma Narrows Rotary club.  The Program Committee chair sends an email to members several days before each meeting introducing the topic for the meeting and the topics for the next eight (8) weeks so members can invite those that might be interested in a particular program and an introduction to our club.   The week’s topic is also posted on Facebook and the webpage.

Recognition of outstanding Junior High School students takes place every other month during the school year.  A male student and a female student are selected by the school staff each month from both the 8th and 9th grades at Curtis Junior High School.  Every other month, the honored students and their families are welcomed at a club meeting and given the opportunity to address the Club.  The students are presented with a framed certificate from the Club, and a “Student of the Month” pen in recognition of their honor.