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Community Garden:  This garden was a signature project for the 2011-2012 year.  A project developed from the vision of then President Scott Seitz, the garden incorporated a District Community Matching grant for $2,500.  All of the receipts and reports have been submitted and the grant has been successfully closed.  The project was strongly supported by club and community labor as well as donated hard goods from area vendors.  Currently all 50 sites are being used and were used this year for growing.  To date, 563 pounds of produce has been donated to the local food bank.  The garden is in the process of transferring the ownership and leadership from our club to a 501(c) (3) Community Garden Organization.    

Community Support:  As an active service club we receive several donation requests throughout the year.  A donation screening committee has identified several key focus areas for donations:  youth, elderly, those disadvantaged, community betterment, and local versus regional causes.  The committee has approved combining with two (2) other area Rotary clubs with a donation to purchase a flag pole for a 9/11 Reflection Park, dedicated at our local fire department headquarters.  In addition we donated $1,000 to a neighboring Rotary club in building a Habitat for Humanity House that was built and dedicated in honor of a prominent local Rotarian who had passed away in 2011.  The club has financially supported several area events which benefit youth and youth sports, including the Daffodil Festival Princesses and Peace Out.