August 20th.....this Saturday.  We will start our University Place Community Garden Build.  No experience with gardening needed. We will assemble, level and fill with soil 48 4x12 sites. 

August 20th, Saturday, from 9:30 to 2:00ish will be the day we put our garden together!  Do you think you could help me find some helper?  Here is the plan:


The Plan: assemble 48 raised boxes, level then and fill with dirt. 


The Location: Evergreen Primary School, 7102 40th Street West, down next to the Soccer Fields               


The Teams:  We will need the following teams to pull this off.

1.       Build Teams (2 or 3 people per team)

They get the wood and screws and directions then assemble the boxes

Tools needed: Cordless Drills

2.       Leveling Teams (2 or 3 people per team)

They level the boxes as well as line up the boxes with the site plan

They also drive 2 pieces of rebar in ground anchoring the boxes and keep them from bowing out.

Tools needed: 2 levels per team, shovel, hoe and 3 pound hammer

3.       Soil teams  (3 or 4 people per team)

They fill the new boxes with fresh soil

Tools needed: Wheel Barrows, shovels and rake


*All tools brought to the site will be marked so they can find their way home.  Please contact me with the tools you can bring as well as the teams you would like to help on.  We will have ‘recharging’ station for the cordless drills. Bring your charger with you.


We will have hot dogs for lunch and refreshments throughout the day.


Many hands make like work and this work should be enjoyable.  Please schedule a few hours and make this dream come true….and bring a few friends. 


Please email or call President Scott to tell him you are coming.  253-353-4959 or